Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ

As part of Out of the Garage and Into the World, Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ youth programs focus on the role of young people as visionaries and engineers of the future, and how they will use technology to activate and empower their imaginations to build a better world.

Visions of the Future
Under the theme of “Build Your Own World” Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ presents collaborative workshops for youths aged 12-18. From September 6 -14, participants will work with professional artists, and use a broad array of multimedia tools as they imagine and build futuristic digital landscapes and narratives.

Activate an Issue / Deactivate a Problem
We are instituting a free open call for screen-based media by youths aged 12-18 as part of the 01SJ Biennial’s Future Films program. Link. Participants are asked to produce video or multimedia that addresses a social issue under the theme “Activate an Issue / Deactivate a Problem.”  Submissions due August 23, 2010.

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