Art Ark Gallery

f. San Jose, CA; operates in San Jose, CA
Ark, 2010

Art Ark Gallery is located on the property of Art Ark Apartments, which is a thriving Artisan Village in the heart of the Martha Gardens Arts District in San Jose, CA. Since October 2006 Art Ark Gallery has featured the work of local artists in one-person shows and group exhibitions. The Gallery’s mission is to provide a space where emerging artists can explore creative possibilities and engage the public. The gallery is a proud participant of South First Fridays Art Walk.

Valerie Raps is a local metal arts sculptor with an MFA from SJSU. She just received her first public art commission from San Jose’s Office of Cultural Affairs that will be installed later this year in the Tropicana Shopping Center at Story and King Rd. in San Jose. In August of 2010 she will complete a second Masters in Holistic Psychology from JFK University. Her goal to integrate art and psychology as a licensed MFT with an emphasis in art therapy while continuing to pursue her art career. Valerie has been the Resident Curator of Art Ark Gallery since the gallery’s conception in 2006.

Judy Roberto directs the puppet theater at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, is a performing and visual artist, fiber artist and arts educator. Creating, performing and teaching shadow puppetry is one of her favorite activities.

Valerie Raps. Image courtesy of the artist.

Judy Roberto. Image courtesy of the artist.