CCA URBANlab, School of Architecture, California College of the Arts

f. 2008, San Francisco; operates in San Francisco
CitySpaceShare_the architecture of urban insertions: (OP)space, 2010

CitySpaceShare is a pilot project being conducted by students and faculty at the CCA URBANlab, an advanced research and design studio supporting project-based initiatives in architecture at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Working with ZER01, students researched demographics, met with local community members, and proposed a series of flexible architectural prototypes. (OP)space—which stands for OPportunities, OPen, and OPerable—is the selected design from the broader City/Space/Share project being tested at the 3rd 01SJ Biennial.

(OP)space is installed inside the storefront space of WORKS/San José where students are testing their architectural design through a series of programs created with the local community ranging from bike kitchen to fashion show to DJ lounge. During AbsoluteZER0, (OP)space will extend into the street in a structure built specifically to facilitate programming inside the confines of a metered parking spot.

CCA Team. Image courtesy of the artists.

The project is led by Dr. Mona El Khafif, Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at CCA; Adjust Professor Kory Bieg; and the following students in the CCA Architecture BArch and MArch programs: Josh Campos, Alexa Getting, Brittany Glover, Richard Lyttle, Carlos Martinez, Jeronimo Roldan, Lauren Tichy, Fabiola Vargas, Mike Vargas, Rachael Yu, and Maryam Zahedi. The director of the URBANlab is Dr. Ila Berman.