DreamAddictive (Carmen Gonzalez and Leslie Garcia)

Carmen Gonzalez b. Tijuana, Mexico; lives in Tijuana, Mexico
Leslie Garcia b. Guadalajara, Mexico; lives in Tijuana, Mexico
OpenSolarCircuits, 2010

DreamAddictive is a collaborative project in art and technology. It was started in 2003, in Tijuana, México, by Carmen González and Leslie García. Their work explores technical skills coming from the field of applied sciences, like physical computing, visual programming, hardware production, articulated through art and design, to create situations of interactivity, playing with the limits between the oneiric and the virtual. Deepening the symbolization and dynamics of apparent reality (human) and simulation (machines).

The first stage of OpenSolarCircuits (2010) was developed during Interactivos?’10 @ Medialab Prado. In collaboration with: Giuseppe Burdo (Italy), Jennifer Dopazo (Venezuela), Maria Paula Falla (Colombia), Simonetta Gorga(Italy), Mauricio Martins (Portugal), and Yago Torroja (Spain).

DreamAddictive. Image courtesy of the artists.