f. Santa Monica, CA; lives in Los Angeles, CA

World of Wonder, 2010

reDiscover promotes creativity in education while encouraging environmental responsibility. reDiscover recycles everyday discards donated by business and gives them new purpose as hands-on learning materials. reDiscover is a community art center, reuse warehouse, gallery and event space.

reDiscover was founded by a consortium of arts/environmental/education oriented people on the Westside of Los Angeles. World of Wonder collaborators are Mary Beth Trautwein and Shiva Mandell. Trautwein has served as Director of reDiscover, leading hands-on programs for educators, parents and children with the themes of creativity, design, community and resource conservation since 2005. Mandell received his Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in 2000. He has worked in architecture in Los Angeles for the past ten years and his additional projects explore the themes of reuse and movement.

reDiscover Center. Image courtesy of the artists.