Sol Design Lab/ Bike Zoo

f. 2009, Austin, TX; operates in San Francisco, CA
Powering Flight: Challenging the Urban Environment, 2010

Imagine turning the corner and instead of your local gas station people are charging their electric bicycles and cell phones at a solar-powered 1950’s vintage gas pump. Sol Design Lab creates urban solar charging stations to re-envision the infrastructure of our current petroleum-based energy production and transportation systems. Our work aims to inspire action in the viewer, highlighting things previously overlooked and creating strategies that assist communities in planning for urban sustainability.

Sol Design Lab/ Bike Zoo. Image courtesy of the artists.

The Bike Zoo creates unique pedal powered vehicles and kinetic sculptures. Our work was born from a passion to combine the beauty and strength of human movement with the artistry and theatre of puppets and a dedication to creating interactive works which engage the community. The Bike Zoo works to create events which leave smiles on spectators faces, tickle their imaginations and inspire them to further understand the relationship between humans and the mechanical world around them.

Links to a video from the Austin Bike Zoo at this years SXSW interactive fest: and the Sol Design lab video: