Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ: Visions of the Future Workshops

Date of Workshops: September 6th– 14th (4-7pm weekdays, 11-4 weekends and Labor Day).
Location: South Hall in San Jose California.

The proliferation of computing and digital technologies is shaping landscapes, cultural identities, architecture, art and human psychology. The Silicon Valley is the central site where these issues are being forged. The youth in this area have a unique perspective as to how the world will look, and a hand in shaping that world.

In collaboration with Adobe Youth Voices, the Adobe Foundation’s global youth media initiative, free workshops will be held during the 01SJ Biennial from September 6th -14th at computer labs in South Hall as part of “Out of the Garage into the World”, and taught by leading artists and professionals in the field. Using software donated by Adobe Systems Incorporated, participants will envision these new landscapes through story creation, digital manipulation, programming, editing, diorama production, and animation. Students will learn advanced multimedia production. Prizes, including gift certificates, video equipment, and Adobe software, will be awarded for strong work produced during these workshops. Please contact for more information. Stay connected with us on Facebook.

Adobe Youth Voices Workshops Image courtesy of David Sandoval

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