Puentes Mutantes/Mutant Bridges

Angel Borrego Cubero/OSS

Puentes Mutantes/Mutant Bridges is part of a larger series of works called Science Friction. Architecture’s recurring (and engineering’s more stable) claims of being a branch of science are at once questioned, and made use of, with the intention of empowering citizens in their relationship to public space and the way it is constructed. In this respect Puentes Mutantes/Mutant Bridges tries to exploit the actual nature of both disciplines, which is the projecting of an alternative future.

Bridge structures were historically used as places in themselves, becoming the foundation for housing, commerce, and types of exchanges, other than merely as thoroughfares. Puentes Mutantes/Mutant Bridges explores a number of local bridges from the iconic Golden Gate to the Bixby Creek Bridge as systems for conviviality between humans and other species, placing look-outs, jumping and inscription structures, pedestrian and cyclist connections, reclamation spaces for non-humans, cross-species hotels for short-term nature appreciation, swinging-by-the-wind tea houses, and more.

Angel Borrego Cubero/OSS, Mutant Bridges. Photo courtesy of Patrick Lydon.

Construction crew includes Lara Caballero Salayero, Natalia, Vera Vigaray, Fran Gallardo, and Simon Lund.