Swing Step Busk

Sasha Leitman

Swing Step Busk is an attempt to create a platform for sharing new musical instruments and interfaces in a street performance setting. The project with consist of three elements which will each reference and make use of the street performance aesthetic – a new musical controller called the Swing Step, a set of simpler musical instruments that passersby can play with, and a mobile performance environment that will allow this project to be set up on any street corner.

Commissioned by ZER01 for the 3rd 01SJ Biennial, and presented with the support of the James Irvine Foundation.

Artwork materials. Image courtesy of the artist.

Swing Step Busk is ultimately about communication, sharing music and sharing artist-made instruments. The project engages people in the wonder of finding music in places where it might not be expected – removable LED’s, car stereo speakers in an old trunk, some spatulas mounted to bike wheels, a random street corner in the middle of a festival or tourist attraction. Street performance is an old but vibrant tradition of sharing and Swing Step Busk leverages that tradition and uses it to share the arts of a digital age.