…the Garden Grows: Park Plaza

Karrie Hovey

By re-creating natural landscapes, Karrie Hovey’s work replicates nature with unnatural materials in unnatural ways. Hovey’s intention is to have the viewer realize the conflict that arises at the point of disconnect between nature and manufacture. The series of works grouped under the title …the Garden Grows is constructed from the bi-products of our buy-product disposable society. The series utilizes materials that have been cast aside by retailers. The waste-stream generated from consumer culture is expanding with the release of each passing season’s wears. The brand-names we covet emerge as Hovey’s source materials.

Karrie Hovey is interested in how a manufactured or created space can destabilize our customary expectations of and interactions with our environment. Hovey’s investigations have led her to explore the symbiotic relationship between the human landscape and the natural environment. Hovey is intrigued by the impact of global trade, patterns of consumer culture, and the aftermath of consumption.

Commissioned by ZER01 for the 3rd 01SJ Biennial, and presented with the support of the James Irvine Foundation.