Victory Garden Seed Library

Wood, thread, paper, glass, seeds
Amy Franceschini

During World War II thousands of citizens grew “victory gardens” in backyards and public parks. In 2006, for an exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, artist Amy Franceschini proposed a renewed program of victory gardens to support organic produce and the greening of the city. Franceschini produced “possible/impossible” kits for the victory gardens, which included a pogo-stick spade and a wheelbarrow that could be attached to a bicycle to transport soil and seeds. Victory Garden Seed Library (2007) is one of a series of laser cut boxes to hold seeds saved from the victory gardens. The boxes are divided by microclimate, and the one on display includes seeds from San Francisco’s fog belt (Sunset district), sun belt (Mission) and transition belt (NOPA, Hayes Valley, and Duboce Triangle).

Amy Franceschini, Victory Garden Seed Library. Photo credit: Amy Franceschini.