Wild Card

About me:

Talk to me.
That is what I do here at ZER01, talk to people. Change happens when one person connects to another and another and so on. I am a “Change-Maker.” Although I don’t mind talking I also like to listen. Through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. I want you to talk, just know I will be there on the other side. This chitchat isn’t trivial; it’s a way to save the world. This may seem like a grand statement but I do believe that conversations from creative artists, scientists and entrepreneurs, etc. can ignite participation, solutions and create community. I am most experienced in the latter. I spent several years as a community organizer/developer working on building relationships face to face and now I build them media to media. As an artist myself I have built upon these online relationships as a way to mobilize community into action.
It’s no mystery why I am working at a place that encourages innovation through connections of art and technology. As an avid environmentalist I can see a healthy future with adaptations to greener technologies throughout all sectors of the economy. It just takes a visionary, a limitless imagination and a supportive structure to get you there.

So how do we get there? Talk about it.

Wild Card:

You can find me at most events and parties. I’ll be hop skipping around working with the other builders to report to you what is in and what is now.


01SJ Biennial Collector’s Panel Where: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA When: Sunday, September 19th Time: 2pm–4pm

Where I’m At?

Follow me on Foursquare, @01SJ ^DS or @dsiembieda.

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