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About me:

While growing up as an only child, I found myself searching for things to entertain myself; this included building forts, using wood tools, and creating works of art. I fondly remember exploring around the family cabin by the Sierra Nevada’s. Through discovering life’s subtleties, I started looking at the world as components of space and form, which led to my interest in ceramics and sculpture. A fun fact about myself is that I speak in movie quotes as much as possible. I am definitely a night owl with the aid of iced coffees. Music is a must for me when making work in the studio. I have recently been listening to indie, alternative rock, and sometimes chamber folk. I am currently in the BFA program at the University of the Pacific concentrating in 3D media while also pursuing a BA in Film Studies. Through the program, I have had the opportunity to develop my work and further my interest of understanding the universe around me.

Public Art:

I’ll be zipping through the Mineta Airport to check out the spectacle installation of “Small Wonders” by SuttonBeresCuller. In the evening I’ll take a stroll from the train station down the San Fernando Corridor catching the sounds from the “Floating World.” See me at wind coil sound flow at the City Hall Rotunda checking out the The Aeolian Kite Instrument.


I am going to challenge my fellow Builder, Jeff, to a few video games at the Learn to Play exhibition at the Euphrat Museum of Art at De Anza College, Cupertino, CA.

Thursday, September 16th
2:00PM-3:00PM Floating World by Robin Lasser @ San Fernando St and I-87 Underpass
7:00PM-8:30PM ZOROP Playing at World Peace @ Out of the Garage, South Hall

Friday, September 17th
6:30PM-9:00PM ZOROP Part Bus @AbsoluteZero

9:00PM-10:00PM Plug n’ Play by Rockwell Group and Wind Coil by Ken Gregory @ City Hall

Saturday, September 18th
2:00-5:00PM Blast Theory, A Machine to See With
4:00PM-5:00PM Public Art at the Airport
8:30PM-11:00PM Public Art on San Fernando Coordidor

Sunday, September 19th
TBA, Offscript by Chris Baker @ Santana Row
TBA, Rockwell Playground at Childrens Discovery

Where I’m At?

Follow me on Foursquare, @01SJ ^JF or @starvinartist18.

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