All Raise This Barn, West Performance

MTAA (Michael Sarff and Tim Whidden)

Join artists MTAA in a performative barn-raising. A commercially-available barn-building kit acts as the starting point, but MTAA and their group of volunteers — perhaps including yourself — will use the results of web-based polling, input from the general public, constructional improvisation, sweat and maybe even some tears, to raise a barn, or a barn-ish sculptural object, or a… well… something.

This is a one-day only event of community creation and construction which will probably have a little deconstruction thrown in too. Participants should wear work or active gear (jeans, boots, sneakers) that they’re not afraid to get paint on.

You can vote online prior to September 11th to help shape how the barn-raising goes at the All Raise This Barn web site.

All Raise This Barn web site