Imaginary Airforce Flight Attendant Training

Natalie Jeremijenko
Urban Constructed Wetland Design: Fletcher Studio

Zipline attendants aka Imaginary Airforce Flight Attendants (iAttend!). Want to exploit gravity, lift, the years you’ve invested in studying birds fly, and a trust in wire rope, telephone poles, styrofoam, foil and webbing? Always wanted to grow-up to be zipliner? Want to experience/demonstrate a work environment where the gentle breeze wafts happy frog mummers as u encourage people to take their first step into the air? Want to bring a new flight experiences to the people? Want to lead a squadron in the Imaginary Airforce [iAirforce!]?

xAirport. Image courtesy of David Fletcher.

You can become a certified [insured] zipline attendant by attending the iFlight Attendant Training session.

As part of this valuable certification (that could propel your career to new heights) you will do a practicum on the xAirport flight experience at 01SJ Biennial. This will involve making sure that people are properly bewinged, attached and safe before cajoling them over the edge and generally assisting them as they taking flight, and most importantly: land … or actually, wetland – given they are landing (would that be wetting?) on the safest air/land interface surface and critical urban ecosystem – wetlanding. You will also testpilot the flight experience yourself, and foster the capacity of fledgling proto-pilots with your own poetics of encouragement. Everything is explained here:

Seriously, can you think of a better way to spend a couple of hours on 9/11 then re-imagining flight, the future of urban mobility and our collective relationship to limited natural resources? Your involvement in this project contributes to changing flight from the single most environmentally damaging thing we do as individuals, to exploring flight infrastructure that is not only less damaging but environmentally regenerative.

Motto: iAttend!

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