Inflatable Architectural Growth Workshop

Amorphic Robot Works/Chico MacMurtrie

Amorphic Robot Works/Chico MacMurtrie will lead a hands-on workshop in conjunction with the installation and programming of the Inflatable Architectural Growth inside South Hall. Learn about the inner workings of the Pod, an elaborate inflatable robotic device that breathes life into the inflatable, utilizing electronics, low pressure high volume compressed air, electronic valves, a closed loop feedback systems, and servo controlled winch motors all driven by a arduino controller. Participate in the prototyping, machining, assembly and testing of new robotic inflatable that will be plugged into the pods, get a chance to activate the machine and record movement patterns. The final project will be installed along South First Street from September 16-19, 2010.

Participation involvement can begin as soon as the 8th and run all the way until the 14th.

Participation is free! Email Chico for scheduling date and times:

Workshop facilitators include Chico MacMurtrie, Geo Homsy, Bill Washabaugh, Tymm Twillman, and Brian Kane.