OpenSolarCircuits Production Workshop

DreamAddictive (Carmen González and Leslie García)
Participants: up to 4 each session, seeking designers, engineers, artists, programmers, and art and technology enthusiasts.

OpenSolarCircuits is composed of a series of nine, on-site workshops with experimentation on different open-hardware techniques. These techniques are hosted in a public access repository, where tutorials and materials for the reproduction of techniques, circuits and work methodologies (know-how) can be found. The framework’s main focus is to provide artists, designers and people interested in technologies and sustainability issues, with intuitive tools, supporting the production of knowledge in Spanish.

Participation involvement can begin as soon as the 5th and run all the way until the 13th. The workshop is open to visitors all day however workshop space is limited to four participants each session. In order to participate, you must sign up for the workshop and once registration is complete, DreamAddictive will contact you to schedule individual dates and times.

We are looking for collaborators interested in ecological energy, electronics, and free spreading of knowledge. We need an interdisciplinary group to make it possible, because there are different collaboration areas:
(1) Designers- to register the circuits, designing the diagrams, in order to create a poster with all of the circuits made during the workshop.
(2) Engineers- with knowledge about ecological energies and electronics.
(3) Artists- who have experimented with recycling materials to produce an electronic art project.
(4) Programmers- capable of working with different micro-controllers.
(5) Art and technology enthusiasts: who can contribute with ideas and technical support.

OpenSolarCircuits is a project which works as a collective construction framework, systematizing the knowledge obtained during the research process so as to be later reproduced in different contexts. The project focuses on experimenting with sustainable electronic circuits, thus generating knowledge networks and tools for urban interaction. For more information visit:

DreamAddictive is an art and technology project integrated by Carmen Carmen González and Leslie García. Through our work we explore Applied Sciences techniques, like physical computing, visual programming, hardware production, articulated through art and design. We work behind the OpenSource philosophy, as a way to sustain and distribute the knowledge generated in researching from interdisciplinary work. We live and work in Tijuana, Mexico. You can see our work here: