Project HoodiePlay Workshop

CFC Media Lab

Participants: 8-10

Do you have a favorite hoodie? Are you thrilled by cutting-edge technology and ideas that you can create yourself? Do you love to play outdoor street games with large groups of people? We will instruct you on how to incorporate electronics into your hoodie so that you can create your own signature interactive hoodie. The finale of the workshops will take place at AbsoluteZER0’s evening street festival on Friday, September 17 where participants will battle it out in a giant game of zombie tag with an interactive twist.

Here’s what you will need:
(1) A hoodie you can sew electronics and led lights into.
(2) Five hours to spend learning about electronics, how to sew, and how to
(3) Another six hours to complete your hoodie after the workshop.
(4) A commitment to play Zombie Tag during 01SJ’s AbsoluteZER0 street
festival on Friday night, September 17, 2010.
(5) Optional materials fee: $40 to pay for the parts for your own hoodie or free if you decide to donate the hoodie you make
(6) A sense of imagination and play.

Workshop designed by Angella Mackey & Kate Hartmen
Workshop facilitators Angella Mackey & David McCallum
Workshop Technical Support Pearl Chen