Ticket Machine

Eyebeam Roadshow/Kaho Abe
Participants: 16, ages teen – adult

A ticket for a trip is an object that gives you exclusive access to an unexplored place. It is a mere piece of paper, but it carries imagination and anticipation of the future, of what new world it can unlock. The Ticket Machine is a Rube Goldberg type collaborative installation which is triggered with a push of a button. The machine then unveils different worlds, created by the collaborators, and finally produces a printed ticket.

Ticket Machine is a six day workshop that will start off with a brief talk about Rube Goldberg machines and some design exercises centered around brainstorming and collaboration. We will then explore some simple technical tools, components, the Arduino Mega and other materials. We will then form small teams of 2-3 people. Preferably engineers and hobbyist with various artists and craftspeople.