ZOROP Workshops

ZOROP (Ken Eklund and Annette Mees)

Zorop is attempting to start World Peace at 01SJ Biennial

As part of their ongoing artistic collaboration, and thus on a lark more or less, Ken Eklund and Annette Mees started to prowl the outer edges of recorded thought about ”World Peace.” They stumbled on a seductively simple idea: what if everyone could see the attributes and experiences they share with others, world peace would follow. If people could see the connections, and how they weave our social fabric, would disagreement
and conflict fade away?

Strangers meet, or they don’t. They hit it off, or they don’t. The connection lasts, or it doesn’t. It’s a trivial event, except that it isn’t: every friend and lover was once a stranger. Thus Ken and Annette decided that it was time to conduct a grand experiment: ZOROP
- a quixotic attempt at instigating unstoppable World Peace. The goal: To encourage connections between strangers, map them and together watch them grow. Maybe, just maybe it is possible to start building our own friendlier world and ultimately to jailbreak World

At 01SJ a small army of Zoropathians will encourage strangers to come forward with the things they have in common, classify each of these connections and plot them using the best 3D technology they can afford. As it grows an ever more complex visualization of the 01SJ
Biennial and the affinities its visitors share, will we gain a universal insight into creating a more peaceful world?

This workshop will be a playful introduction to the project, the ideas, the approach & the game design behind it. It will be interactive, fun way to get involved in project, start mapping the first connections and have a creative input into the character of the Zoropathian. At the end of the workshop there is an opportunity for
people to sign up to become involved in Zorop during the festival.