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Halfdan Hussey

At twenty-two, after studying film at NYU, Halfdan wrote, directed and co-produced He’s Still There that opened to rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival. The film was a hit at the Critic’s section of the festival. In 1990 Halfdan co-founded and developed the Cinequest Film Institute (Cinequest Distribution and Cinequest Film Festival) in the Silicon Valley. Cinequest Film Festival empowers maverick films, artists via discovery and technologies, having stayed ahead-of-the-curve in digital film making, exhibition and distribution for years. Halfdan has co-written a two part crime saga for the screen entitled TO THE DOGS based on his recently completed novel. The movie goes into production with him directing in the fall of 2010. Halfdan was recently named by Metro Newspapers as one of the 25 people who dramatically changed the Silicon Valley over the past 25 years.

Les Blank

For 50 years, Les Blank has created intimate films about the lives and passions of American regional subcultures, chronicling their music, exotic cuisines and eccentric artistes. In the documentary Burden Of Dreams, Blank chronicled the poetic madness of the nearly five year production of Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo, deep in the rain forests of South America. Burden of Dreams received the BAFTA Flaherty Documentary Award, adding to his long list of award achievements. Two of his films, Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers and Chulas Fronteras, have been added to the National Film Registry. In 2007 Blank was awarded the prestigious Edward MacDowell Medal in the Arts.

M dot Strange

M. dot Strange is the critically acclaimed self-taught filmmaker who created the internationally renowned and award winning animated feature film We are the Strange (2007), by himself, in a small room filled with computers in San Jose, California. He is now finishing his newest film, Heart String Marionette for release in 2011.

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