Friday, September 17
SoFA District of San Jose, CA

AbsoluteZER0 is a vibrant street festival where the public can engage with art, music, science, and technology in new and compelling ways outside on city streets. AbsoluteZER0 celebrates the creativity and technological virtuosity that are the hallmarks of Silicon Valley  and will offer an exciting lineup of art projects, performance, music, and hands-on family activities by over 100 artists.

The event is free and open to the public and is presented in collaboration with MACLA, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. The street festival will take place in the downtown San Jose SoFA District along South First Street between San Carlos and East Reed, and along San Salvador between First Street and South Hall.

Presented by Target.

Related Artworks

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Earth Speaks

Douglas Vakoch
Earth Speaks Earth Speaks is an online project led by Douglas Vakoch to collect messages from people around the world, representing what they would want to say to intelligent life beyond Earth: http://earthspeaks.seti.org/.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

sonicSENSE represented by Lyes Belhocine and Drew Detweiler

sonicSENSE has embarked on a series of art exhibitions, panel discussions, university courses, and workshops for artists, scholars and students to evolve the sonicSENSE platform since September 2008.

Image courtesy of the artist.

invisible infrastructure (ghost cone)

Sarah Lowe
invisible infrastructure (2009/1010) is a series that examines components of urban infrastructure that occupy significant physical and visual space but are rendered invisible by their ubiquity.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Over the Top

Steven White
“Over The Top” is a two-person Ferris wheel powered by the riders, using their arm muscles to shift their weight. Standing 20 feet tall and made of plywood, this is a truly unique machine in looks and function.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Don’t you feel it too?

Marcus Young & Grace Minnesota
Don’t you feel it too? (2008-2010) is a new mind-body practice of liberating the spirit through dancing our inner life in public places. 

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

SHARE San Jose

SHARE San Jose
At AbsoluteZERO, SHARE San Jose will host an improvisational jam session and demonstrate a variety of musical and visual instruments, some of which have been developed by members of the group.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

forageSF Underground Market

The SF Underground Market was conceived by Iso Rabins in early December 2009. The first market was held in a private home in the Mission neighborhood of SanFrancisco, with 8 vendors, and about 200 attendees.

Image courtesy of artist

Earthwish: Build Your Own World

Helen Lessick
Earthwish (2010) is a two-part interactive artwork realized through the dispersal of 1,000 limited edition die cut prints made in two versions.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

I Wish to Say

Sheryl Oring
For this project, Sheryl Oring dresses as a 1960s secretary, sets up a portable public office in parks and public squares – complete with a manual typewriter – and types postcards to the United States President.

Singing Garden

Tim Roseborough
Singing Garden (2010) is inspired by 19th Century botanical illustration, featuring
a virtual, moonlit water garden in which the plants flourish to the tones
of the singing voice.

Image courtesy of the artist and Southern Exposure.

Sonic Tube

Suzy Poling
The Sonic Tube is the next incarnation of Suzy Poling’s light art experiments with video and sound. This tube is a construction with bent plexi glass, white fabric, various lenses and projections.

Image courtesy of Jaime Austin

World of Wonder

World of Wonder (2010) is a smaller version of the “Camera Projecta” installed at GLOW Santa Monica in 2008 and engages participants to explore trash as a resource to express their ideas.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen


Art Ark Gallery
In the spirit of the early vessels that once sailed the seas in search of new worlds. The Ark, an 18’ long x 12’ tall x 6’ wide mobile vessel will bring interactive art to the streets of San Jose.

Image courtesy of Artist

Art of the Down-loadable Craft Swag Booth

Imin Yeh
The Art of Downloadable Crafts (ADC) is a curated forum for distributing free, interactive downloadable arts and crafts projects. Utilizing the internet and office supplies, the ADC challenges the physical boundaries that often limit exposure to and the experience of art.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Swing Step Busk

Sasha Leitman
Swing Step Busk (2010) is an attempt to create a platform for sharing new musical instruments and interfaces in a street performance setting.

…the Garden Grows: Park Plaza

Karrie Hovey
…the Garden Grows (2010) is constructed from the bi-products of our buy-product disposable society.

Egg and Sperm Ride

Janaki Ranpura
The Egg and Sperm Ride (2010) is a long distance date with destiny. An Egg will be pedaled on a solo ride from Minneapolis, MN to meet up with Sperm Riders in San Jose, CA, for the Green Prix parade.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen


Carl Heiney
Rajaphant is a drivable majestic mechanical elephant on wheels. The body is built around an fully Electric Micro Van and it will raise from a kneeling position to a standing position (2 ft), via an airbag lift mechanism.

Photo by Patrick Lydon


Nova Jiang
Archipelago (2010) seeks to address issues of urban isolation exacerbated by car culture. For this project and workshop, a collection of mobile “desert islands” will be constructed with help from the public.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Project HoodiePlay

CFC Media Lab
During the 01SJ Biennial, the CFC Media Lab will be leading a series of workshops where participants can makes their Hoodie “zombie-tag” ready for a widespread, participatory game.

Image courtesy of Pia Malinis.

CITY/SPACE/SHARE_the architecture of urban insertions: (Op)Space

CCA URBANlab, School of Architecture, California College of the Arts
CITY/SPACE/SHARE (2010) is a pilot project intended to revitalize vacant storefronts and transform urban activity in the City Center of San Jose through spatial strategies that recuperate the street frontage, promote productive inhabitation and initiate micro-urbanisms that support the local neighborhood.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Mobile Arts Platform (MAP)

Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari
The Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) (2010) is comprised of two large-scale, interactive sculptures that are “activated” by a mobile exhibitions program.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Inflatable Architectural Growth

Chico MacMurtrie (Amorphic Robot Works)
Inflatable Architectural Growth (2010) is the first major robotic outdoor sculpture of American artist Chico MacMurtrie / Amorphic Robot Works using inflatable bodies technology.