Catharine Clark Gallery

150 Minna Street, Ground Floor
San Francisco, CA

Teen Age: You Just Don’t Understand
Opens September, 2010

Teenagers push the boundaries of accepted behavior in every era. They thrive despite raging hormones, clueless parents, ridiculous authority figures, and the dawning recognition that the entire status quo is absurd. They will define the future of new media.

Teen Age: You Just Don’t Understand is the working title for an exhibition curated by artist Ken Goldberg that aims to illuminate and challenge the shifting roles of new media in contemporary life, from Facebook to Flickr to texting to Twitter. We seek to encourage collaboration between teens and more experienced artists. Submitted artwork can address any contemporary issues at the intersection of art, technology, and culture and can be in any format or medium (electronic, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.), but must be submitted by collaborative teams that includes at least one person under 18 and one person over 21.