Streaming Museum

We Write This To You From the Distant Future

Streaming Museum is a new hybrid museum that presents multi-media exhibitions in cyberspace and public space on 7 continents, as well as live at partnering cultural centers.  Launched January 29, 2008 by Nina Colosi, Streaming Museum is produced and broadcast in New York City, with exhibitions generated in collaboration with international cultural, educational, and public centers; artists, curators and visionary creators.  The museum was inspired by Nam June Paik who in the 1970s envisioned the Internet, predicting an “information superhighway” as an open and free medium for imagination and exchange of cultures.

Streaming Museum: Green Brain. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Streaming Museum presents We Write This To You From the Distant Future, a multi-media exhibition of work by visionary creators in the arts and sciences that focuses on a future world both imagined and possible to build. The exhibition is on view throughout the Streaming Museum’s network in cyberspace and public space on seven continents.