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Abhinaya Dance Company

Symbiotic Robotic/Human Ensemble
Abhinaya Dance Company and KarmetiK Collective are collaborating on a musical performance where musicians, dancers, and robots perform side by side.

Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ

Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ: Activate an Idea / Deactivate a Problem
Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ: Visions of the Future
As part of Out of the Garage and Into the World, Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ youth programs focus on the role of youths as visionaries of the future, to build a better world.

Photo credit: Michelle Longosz.

Pilar Agüero-Esparza

El Shop, 2010
Collaborators Pilar Agüero-Esparza and Hector Dionicio Mendoza share an interest in materials and rock-en-español. Agüero-Esparza has an MFA from San Jose State University and teaches art at The Harker School in San Jose.

Photo Credit: David San Miguel

Tanya Aguiniga

Lineas: New Modes of Contemporary Urbanism, Recent work by Tanya Aguiniga and Teddy Cruz, 2010
Tanya Aguiniga has a BA in Furniture Design from San Diego State University and an MFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla

There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Sheep, 2007
Jennifer Allora earned a BA from the University of Richmond, Virginia, and an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Guillermo Calzadilla received a BFA from Escuela de Artes Plásticas, San Juan, and an MFA from Bard College, New York.

Image courtesy of artist

Elliot Anderson

CathexiSpin, 2010
CathexiSpin is a collaborative work between UC Santa Cruz Associate Professor Elliot Anderson and Digital Arts New Media (DANM) graduate students

Image courtesy of the artist.

Art Ark Gallery

Ark, 2010
Art Ark Gallery provides a space where emerging artists can explore creative possibilities and engage the public. Valerie Raps is a local metal arts sculptor with an MFA from SJSU. Judy Roberto directs the puppet theater at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo and is a performing and visual artist.

Image courtesy of artist

Adan Avalos

El Rojo , 2010
Adán Avalos is an artist/scholar who believes in exploring both theory and practice of art, directing his own documentaries and art installations.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Jeremy Bailey

VideoUnconference, Creative Genius Edition., 2010
Jeremy Bailey is a video and performance artist whose work is often confidently self-deprecating in offering hilarious parodies of new media vocabularies. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and festivals internationally.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Christopher Baker

offscript, 2010
Christopher Baker is an artist whose work engages the rich collection of social, technological and ideological networks present in the urban landscape.

Courtesy the artist

Saul Becker

Strip, 2010
Saul Becker received a MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, VA and a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD); Halifax, NS.

Image courtesy of the artists.

Molly Berg

Stephen Vitiello with guest, Molly Berg, 2010
Molly Berg is a musician currently living in Richmond, VA. She currently plays in a band called Fuzzy Baby and collaborates with Stephen Vitiello.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Jed Berk

A Champion Flock of Weed Eaters, 2010
Jed Berk received a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design, and a MFA from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.

Blast Theory artists (l to r) Nick Tandavanitj, Matt Adams and Ju Row Farr

Blast Theory

A Machine to See With, 2010
Blast Theory is renowned internationally as one of the most adventurous artists’ groups using interactive media, creating groundbreaking new forms of performance and interactive art that mixes audiences across the internet, live performance and digital broadcasting.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Olivia Block

Untitled composition for piano, field recordings, sine waves, 2010
Block is a contemporary composer and sound artist who combines field recordings, scored segments for acoustic instruments, and electronically generated sound.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Karl Bohringer

flw, 1996
Karl Böhringer is Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. He received both his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from Cornell University and his Diplom-Informatiker degree from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

Katya Bonnenfant

Vintage Packaging for Animation, 2009
Katya Bonnenfant is a designer who explores the fields of sound, music, video, animation, film, and the performing arts. She studied graphic design and fine art at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and the École Nationale Supérieure Estienne in Paris.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Angel Borrego Cubero

Architecture of Out of the Garage, Into the World
Puentes Mutantes/Mutant Bridges

Madrid-based architect Angel Borrego Cubero is creating the master plan for the interior of South Hall for the Out of the Garage Into the World program. Borrego Cubero has completed international exhibition design projects at Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and LABoral in Gijon, among other projects.

Image courtesy of artist

Slimm Buick

Art Bike, 2010
Slimm’s artwork has been shown in major museums, has been featured in movies, and sold in galleries around the Bay Area. He is best known for movable works of art, or “Art Bikes”.

Top left Jenene Castle, center Danielle Siembieda, top right Sara Gevurtz Bottom left Ali Sajjadi, bottom right DC Spensley

CADRE Laboratory for New Media

Trading Voices, 2010
The CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State University is an interdisciplinary academic and research program dedicated to the experimental use of information technology and art.

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