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Installing “1st and San Fernando” at the San Jose Museum of Art for the 2008 01SJ Biennail

Jim Campbell

Street Scene, 2010
Jim Campbell has degrees in Mathematics and Engineering from MIT. His work has been shown internationally and throughout North America.

 Image courtesy of the artists.

Canadian Film Centre Media Lab

Let’s Build Our World Intentionally, 2010
Project HoodiePlay, 2010
The Canadian Film Centre is Canada’s leading institution for advanced training in film, television and new media.

Image courtesy of the artists.

CCA URBANlab, School of Architecture, California College of the Arts

CITY/SPACE/SHARE_the architecture of urban insertions: (Op)Space, 2010
CCA URBANlab, founded in 2008 by Ila Berman, is an Advanced Research and Design Unit supporting project-based initiatives in Architecture at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Center for PostNatural History

Transgenic Mosquitoes of California, 2009
The Center for PostNatural History is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge relating to the complex interplay between culture, nature and biotechnology. The PostNatural refers to living organisms that have been altered through processes such as selective breeding or genetic engineering.

Chris Chafe

Tomato Quintet, 2007/ 2010
Chafe is a composer, improvisor, cellist, and music researcher with an interest in computer music composition and interactive performance.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Todd Chandler

Empire Drive-In, 2010
Flood Tide, 2010
Todd Chandler is a filmmaker and musician. He plays in the bands Dark Dark Dark and Fall Harbor. His first feature film, Flood Tide, premiers in 2010.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Yung-Ta Chang

Signal.Flow, 2010
Chang is a Taipei based sound artist. His works take on a variety of forms such as audio-visual, experimental sound, installations and live performances.

Peter Chilvers

Air, 2010
In Cambridge in 1989, guitarist Michael Bearpark and pianist Peter Chilvers formed Samuel Smiles, an ECM-style improvising collective. Over the next few years, the band underwent a number of changes in direction (including folk and country) before joining with No-Man vocalist Tim Bowness to become the imaginatively named Tim Bowness / Samuel Smiles.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Brody Condon

Level Five, 2010
Brody Condon is an American artist best known for his use of elements from computer and live games to create video, performance, and software installation. His work often explores the over-identification with fantasy in contemporary culture.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Petra Cortright

Petra Cortright is an Internet artist born in 1986. She is a member of the Nasty Nets Internet Surfing Club, Loshadka Internet Surfing Club and Computers Club. She has exhibited internationally in many galleries including the New Museum in New York and the Venice Biennale.

 Image courtesy of the artist

Jeff Crouse

Unlogo, 2010
Jeff Crouse’s often humorous artworks take the forms of games, robots, software code, and Internet art, and have been featured at the Sundance Film Festival.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Teddy Cruz

Lineas: New Modes of Contemporary Urbanism, recent work by Tanya Auiniga and Teddy Cruz, 2010
Teddy Cruz has degrees in areas of Arts and Architecture. He is currently associate professor in Public Culture and Urbanism in the Visual Arts Department at University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA.

Image courtesy of Angela Scrivani

Cyclecide Heavy Pedal Bike Rodeo

Altercycles, 2010
Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo is a club of alter-bike mechanics, mariachi-punk musicians and psychotic clowns who love bikes, beer and building stuff.

 Image courtesy of the artist.

Beatriz da Costa

Pigeonblogger, 2006/ 2010
Beatriz da Costa is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles who works at the intersection of contemporary art, politics, engineering and the life sciences.

Image courtesy of the artists.

DANM, UC Santa Cruz

Name Your Price: Unpacking Social Cost at 01SJ, 2010
UC Santa Cruz’s Digital Arts and New Media Program’s Participatory Culture research group explores the role of information and communication technologies in the shift from “top-down” culture to a culture of participation and social engagement.

Image courtesy of artist

Dave Hershberger

Unwheeldy, 2010
Dave Hershberger is interested in Kinetic Sculpture Racing and other bicycle-related art/engineering projects. He believes Human-Powered Vehicles are the future and likes showing how much fun they can be.

Image courtesy of the artists.

DreamAddictive (Carmen Gonzalez and Leslie Garcia)

OpenSolarCircuits, 2010
DreamAddictive is a collaborative project in art and technology started in 2003, in Tijuana, México, by Carmen González and Leslie García.

Image courtesy of artist

Steve Durie

Slo Dog, 2010
Steve Durie has worked on projects involving digital media, installation, and performance. He was a founding member of the art/business hybrid C5.

Image courtesy of the artists.

Ken Eklund and Annette Mees

ZOROP, 2010
Disguised as a dramaturgist and game designer, respectively, Annette Mees and Ken Eklund quietly continue to foment various plots for massively social and viral forms of play.

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