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Photo credit: John W. Sisson Jr.

Tiffany Holmes

solarCircus, 2009-2010
Tiffany Holmes explores the potential of technology to promote environmental stewardship. Recent projects include darkSky, an interactive installation that creatively visualizes energy loads at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Karrie Hovey

…the Garden Grows: Park Plaza, 2010
Karrie Hovey received her MFA from San Francisco State University (2005). Hovey has attended the following residencies: Terra Summer Residency (France), Taliesin Artist Residency Program, Prairie Center, Artist Residency Enschede, (Netherlands), Can Serrat (Spain), I-Park and Spiro Arts.

Misako Inaoka

Red Bird, 2006
Red Ape, 2007
Misako Inaoka eceived her BFA in printmaking ’01 from RISD (Rhode School of Design), and MFA ’06 from Mills College, CA. She works with mixed media in sculpture and site-specific installation.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Natalie Jeremijenko

Feral Robotic Dog, 2010
Natalie Jeremijenko’s Environmental Health Clinic (xClinic) develops strategies to effect remediation of environmental systems, producing projects to effect material improvements in environmental performance.

Image courtesy of the artist

Luke Jerram

Play Me I’m Yours, 2010
Luke Jerram is an established international artist based in Bristol, UK. Jerram’s multidisciplinary practice involves the development of large scale installations, live art projects and the making of small art gifts.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Nova Jiang

Archipelago, 2010
Nova Jiang is an artist who facilitates play in public spaces in order to heighten people’s curiosity about each other as well as their surroundings. She creates situations that allow people to engage in a process of tactile and creative participation.

Image courtesy of the artist.


“__________” says: ★★★★ ♥ My Comments, 2010
Jodi, or, is a collective of two internet artists: Joan Heemskerk (born 1968 in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands) and Dirk Paesmans (born 1965 in Brussels, Belgium). Their background is in photography and video art; since the mid-1990s they started to create original artworks for the World Wide Web.

Eduardo Kac

video text works
Eduardo Kac is internationally recognized for his telepresence and bio art. A pioneer of telecommunications art in the pre-Web ’80s, Eduardo Kac (pronounced “Katz”) emerged in the early ’90s with his radical works combining telerobotics and living organisms.

KarmetIK Collective

KarmetiK Collective:Symbiotic Robotic/Human Ensemble, 2010
KarmetiK is a think-tank of artists and engineers exploring a digital renaissance, seeking to explore and redefine the boundaries between music, visual arts and technology.

Photo credit: Jeffrey Rusch.

Zoë Keating

Zoë Keating and Robert Hodgin: Into the Trees, 2010
Classically trained from the age of eight, cellist and composer Zoë Keating spent her 20’s dabbling in computer software while moonlighting as a cellist in rock bands. Inevitably, she combined the two, and now uses a foot-controlled laptop to turn herself into one-woman orchestra.

Photo Credit: Maureen Keating.

Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott

Gift Horse, 2010
San Francisco-based artists Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott started their collaboration in 2006 in the Art and Technology graduate program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Image courtesy of the artists.

Kitchen Budapest

Beat Your Mouse Movement, 2010
Magyar Telekom’s media lab, Kitchen Budapest, opened in June 2007, is a new media lab for young researchers who are interested in the convergence of mobile communication, online communities and urban space and are passionate about creating experimental projects in cross-disciplinary teams.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Erik Klein

Altair Musical Interference, 1975
Erik Klein is a vintage computer enthusiast who has been very active in the vintage computing community for over a decade. He runs The Vintage Computer to chronicle his extensive collection and hosts the popular Vintage Computer Forums, which has become an international focal point for the hobby.

Photo credit: Bob Paz.

Robert J. Lang

Peregrine Falcon, 2010
Robert Lang as been an avid student of origami for some forty years and is now recognized as one of the world’s leading masters of the art.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Robin Lasser

Floating World: A Camping Ground/Tent City for Displaced Human and Bird Song, 2010
Robin Lasser is a Professor of Art at San Jose State University. Lasser produces photographs, video, sound, site-specific installations and public art dealing with social and environmental issues.

Image courtesy of artist

Kyungwha Lee

Slo Dog, 2010
Kyungwha Lee is a contemporary Bay Area artist. Her work often involves collaboration with other digital media artists and practitioners.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Rick Lee

TECHstyle SoftWEAR: Surface & Shape, Corinne Okada TakaraColleen Quen, and Rick Lee, 2010
From a gnarled oak tree to a sleek pocket knife, award-winning San Francisco industrial designer Rick Lee finds inspiration in everyday objects. An innovator at the vanguard of modern design, Lee combines rational thinking with radical influences to create whimsical minimalist pieces.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Sasha Leitman

Swing Step Busk, 2010
Tomato Quintet, 2007/ 2010
Sasha Leitman is a musician, artist and inventor. She has been making musical instruments, new interfaces for musical expression and sound art installations for ten years.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Helen Lessick

Earthwish: Build Your Own World, 2010
Conceptual public and ecological artist Helen Lessick works between public place and private perception. Her public print projects, exploring wonder in the quotidian, are in the collections of MOMA, Getty Research Institute and Sackner Archive of Concrete Poetry.

Photo courtesy the artist

Christopher Locke

Egosiliqua malusymphonicus, 2010; Hilarofustis atarium, 2010
Christopher Locke studied filmmaking at the Rochester Institute of Technology and sculpture at George Washington University. He runs from his garage on the weekends.

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