Artworks & Installations


Red Bird, 2006; Untitled, 2007

Misako Inaoka
“My interests arise from the boundary between what we call natural and artificial. I observe the physical and social environment in detail to find hidden beauty and peculiarity, for example, a cell phone antenna shaped like a pine tree, a flock of non-native bird, or moss growing in a crack of cement sidewalk.”

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Requiem for fossil fuels

Requiem for fossil fuels, written and performed by O+A with four singers, is a unique setting of the Requiem Mass offered to a world struggling to reconcile its utter dependence on fossil fuels with the coming end of oil, coal, and peat.
Saturday, September 18th, 9:00pm, St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

A Season In Hell

Randall Packer
A Season in Hell (2010) is a historical portrait of political and social turmoil in the post-9/11 era, a hallucinatory spectacle of America as a vision of Hell. Friday, 9/17/10-Saturday, 9/18/10, 2pm & 8pm and Sunday, 9/19/10, 2pm.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

SHARE San Jose

SHARE San Jose
At AbsoluteZERO, SHARE San Jose will host an improvisational jam session and demonstrate a variety of musical and visual instruments, some of which have been developed by members of the group.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen


SUE-C & Laetitia Sonami
Sheepwoman (2009) lives in a world humans can’t see. She is half shadow. She is in between. Sheepwoman is a switchboard operator, she connect things so we won’t forget. Film Screening: September 18, 9:00pm, Empire Drive-In, South Hall. FREE with admission to South Hall (South Hall multi-day ticket $5).

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen


Yung Ta Chang
The acrylic tubes are bolted vertically to the ground outside the entrance of South Hall. Inside each tube is an array of motor-powered rotating red LEDs, a radio receiver, and speakers.

Singing Garden

Tim Roseborough
Singing Garden (2010) is inspired by 19th Century botanical illustration, featuring
a virtual, moonlit water garden in which the plants flourish to the tones
of the singing voice.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen


Bruce Gardner Steve Durie
Geri Wittig Kyungwha Lee
In the spirit of the traditions of the Slow Food, Open Source, and Sustainability movements they will make their own brand of sausages/hot dogs cooked and propelled by a vehicle.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen


Tiffany Holmes
solarCircus (2009-2010) is an interdisciplinary platform for eco-dialogue about the future of renewable energy in urban spaces. Inside South Hall, visitors can browse a resource library, hack a solar toy, and experiment with solar cell construction.

Image courtesy of the artist and Southern Exposure.

Sonic Tube

Suzy Poling
The Sonic Tube is the next incarnation of Suzy Poling’s light art experiments with video and sound. This tube is a construction with bent plexi glass, white fabric, various lenses and projections.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

sonicSENSE represented by Lyes Belhocine and Drew Detweiler

sonicSENSE has embarked on a series of art exhibitions, panel discussions, university courses, and workshops for artists, scholars and students to evolve the sonicSENSE platform since September 2008.

Image courtesy of Barbara Kalina

Still Life with Banquet

Grahame Weinbren and Kitty Greenwald
A multi-course meal that is prepared using locally grown ingredients accompanied by high-resolution projections, modeled after Dutch still lives, of those very ingredients and table decorations naturally returning to the soil in a process of decomposition.

 Motion and Rest #2, 2002

Street Scene

Jim Campbell
Up close, Street Scene (2010) is simply a grid of LED lights. Stand back, way back, and the lights coalesce into recognizable movements. San Francisco-based artist Jim Campbell is widely acclaimed for his low-resolution video works (in this case 16 by 12 “pixels”).

 Image courtesy of the artist.


Saul Becker
Strip consists of electroplated weeds and plants, which the artist gathered in the nooks and crannies of the streets around his studio in Brooklyn, to memorialize the persistence and beauty of commonplace plant life in even the densest of urban environments.

Sunshine Still/Speak Hard

Sunshine Still (2010) is a traditional moonshine still re-engineered to produce ethanol alcohol bio fuel from compost, waste or algae. It will be housed in an establishment reminiscent of a speakeasy, entitled Speak Hard.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Swing Step Busk

Sasha Leitman
Swing Step Busk (2010) is an attempt to create a platform for sharing new musical instruments and interfaces in a street performance setting.

…the Garden Grows: Park Plaza

Karrie Hovey
…the Garden Grows (2010) is constructed from the bi-products of our buy-product disposable society.

Image courtesy of the artists and Lisson Gallery, London.

There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Sheep

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla
The collaborative team of Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla evokes the history of technology and old-world implements such as the tulum, an early form of bagpipe that originated in the Kaçkar Mountains of Turkey.

Image courtesy of artist

Tomato Quintet

Chris Chafe, Greg Niemayer, Sasha Leitman, and Curtis Tamm
Tomato Quintet is a musification and visualization of the relation of air qualities between a container with 1 cubic meter of ripening tomatoes and the ambient environment.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Trading Voices

CADRE Laboratory for New Media
Trading Voices (2010) is a video intensive dialogic project that actively collects, remixes and publishes oral stories relating to UN Millennium Development Goal 3 (Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women).