Out of the Garage Into the World

ZER01 is inviting independent artists, designers, architects, engineers, programmers, and corporate and academic research programs to publicly work in San Jose’s 80,000 square foot South Hall to create projects for exhibition, performance, provocation, and interaction. From September 4-14, these projects will be “in process” and open for public viewing. The results will be presented and exhibited, both in South Hall and in other parts of the City, September 16-19. An overview of Out of the Garage Into the World is here. Individual projects are listed below.

One of the  programs of Out of the Garage Into the World, Empire Drive-In, will become the venue for the Future Films program. There will also be artist talks in South Hall during the Biennial and a closing party/meal from the Tomato Quintet project on Sunday.

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Image courtesy of David Sandoval

Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ: Visions of the Future Workshops

Adobe Youth Voices
In collaboration with Adobe Youth Voices, the Adobe Foundation’s global youth media initiative(link), workshops will be held during the 01SJ Biennial from September 6th -14th at computer labs in South Hall as part of Out of the Garage into the World, and taught by leading artists and professionals in the field.

Image courtesy of Artists

All Raise this Barn, West

Artists MTAA will conduct an old-fashioned barn-raising using high tech techniques.

Photo by Patrick Lydon


Nova Jiang
Archipelago (2010) seeks to address issues of urban isolation exacerbated by car culture. For this project and workshop, a collection of mobile “desert islands” will be constructed with help from the public.

Beat Your Mouse Movement

Kitchen Budapest
Beat Your Mouse Movement (2010) strives to balance the growing hours spent in front of computer screens by offering a playful solution that motivates people to walk in order to get more exercise and become more conscious about their health and city environment.

Egg and Sperm Ride

Janaki Ranpura
The Egg and Sperm Ride (2010) is a long distance date with destiny. An Egg will be pedaled on a solo ride from Minneapolis, MN to meet up with Sperm Riders in San Jose, CA, for the Green Prix parade.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

El Shop

H. Dio Mendoza and Pilar Agüero-Esparza
Artists H. Dio Mendoza and Pilar Agüero-Esparza will complete a summer residency in South Central Los Angeles at the shoe repair shop of Aguero-Esparza’s dad.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Empire Drive-In

Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark
Empire Drive-In (2010) is a large-scale multimedia installation and platform built out of used and salvaged materials. In its simplest description it is a drive-in movie theater made out of wrecked cars. FREE with admission to South Hall (South Hall multi-day admission is $5).

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Exquisite Corpse/Lavish Martyr

Ali Momeni and Minneapolis Art on Wheels (MAW)
This project uses live projected drawing in an outdoor urban setting as a medium for contemporary story telling, to create a textual and pictorial conversation among four parties.

Eyebeam Roadshow

The Eyebeam Roadshow (2010) is what you get when you mix a rock & roll tour with the talented fellows and resident artists of Eyebeam.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Gift Horse

Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott
Gift Horse (2010) is a large-scale sculpture of the mythological Trojan Horse, which will be presented to the San Jose Museum of Art in a public ceremony during the 01SJ Biennial.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

growBot Garden

Public Design Workshop
The growBot Garden (2010) project is a series of public and participatory workshops that explore the use of emerging technologies in support of local small-scale agriculture.

I-Weather as Deep Space Public Lighting

fabric | ch
In 2001, fabric | ch and architect Philippe Rahm jointly set up I-Weather.org, an open source artificial climate based on human metabolism, circadian rhythms and on the medical knowledge of the time about light therapy.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Inflatable Architectural Growth

Chico MacMurtrie (Amorphic Robot Works)
Inflatable Architectural Growth (2010) is the first major robotic outdoor sculpture of American artist Chico MacMurtrie / Amorphic Robot Works using inflatable bodies technology.

Image courtesy of artist

Name Your Price: Unpacking Social Cost at 01SJ

DANM, UC Santa Cruz
The Social-Cost Tracker project (2010) invites participants to reflect the social cost of their consumer decisions through a participatory-media research laboratory.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Creatures of Habitat

Nancy Nowacek
We believe an integral part of the future of the city is the future of the office and its workers. The office is the center-point from which the daily urban experience radiates, and is also the most physically stultifying.

Image courtesy of artist


DreamAddictive (Carmen Gonzalez and Leslie Garcia)
OpenSolarCircuits (2010) is a project that works as a framework of collective construction, making a system of the knowledge obtained during the experimentation process, to be reproduced later in different contexts.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Out of the Garage Into the World

South Hall
From September 4-19, ZER01 is inviting independent artists, designers, architects, engineers, programmers, and corporate and academic research programs to publicly work in San Jose’s 80,000 square foot “South Hall” to create projects for exhibition, performance, provocation, and interaction.


Garnet Hertz
OutRun, a video game concept car that combines a car-shaped arcade game cabinet with a real world electric vehicle to produce a video game system that actually drives.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Powering Flight: Challenging the Urban Environment

Sol Design Lab/ Bike Zoo
The public is invited to spontaneously DJ with their iPods on the solar powered sound system while their devices and electric vehicles charge.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Project HoodiePlay

CFC Media Lab
During the 01SJ Biennial, the CFC Media Lab will be leading a series of workshops where participants can makes their Hoodie “zombie-tag” ready for a widespread, participatory game.

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