Out of the Garage Into the World

ZER01 is inviting independent artists, designers, architects, engineers, programmers, and corporate and academic research programs to publicly work in San Jose’s 80,000 square foot South Hall to create projects for exhibition, performance, provocation, and interaction. From September 4-14, these projects will be “in process” and open for public viewing. The results will be presented and exhibited, both in South Hall and in other parts of the City, September 16-19. An overview of Out of the Garage Into the World is here. Individual projects are listed below.

One of the  programs of Out of the Garage Into the World, Empire Drive-In, will become the venue for the Future Films program. There will also be artist talks in South Hall during the Biennial and a closing party/meal from the Tomato Quintet project on Sunday.

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Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Public Orchard

Studio for Urban Projects
Public Orchard (2010) will be made up of heritage fruit trees, a horticultural reference and seed library, a community kitchen, and hands on workshop space.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Lydon.

Puentes Mutantes/Mutant Bridges

Angel Borrego Cubero/OSS
Puentes Mutantes/Mutant Bridges explores a number of local bridges from the iconic Golden Gate to the Bixby Creek Bridge as systems for conviviality between humans and other species, placing look-outs, jumping and inscription structures, pedestrian and cyclist connections, reclamation spaces for non-humans, cross-species hotels for short-term nature appreciation, swinging-by-the-wind tea houses, and more.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Radio Nonchalance San Jose: Dispatches from South Hall

Radio Nonchalance (2010) is a pirate radio transmission, run by a “rogue band of festival infiltrators”. This FM broadcast will reach the blocks surrounding the festival; it will also be mirrored by a digital web-radio ‘net-cast’ that can be streamed through smart phones.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen


Tiffany Holmes
solarCircus (2009-2010) is an interdisciplinary platform for eco-dialogue about the future of renewable energy in urban spaces. Inside South Hall, visitors can browse a resource library, hack a solar toy, and experiment with solar cell construction.

Sunshine Still/Speak Hard

Sunshine Still (2010) is a traditional moonshine still re-engineered to produce ethanol alcohol bio fuel from compost, waste or algae. It will be housed in an establishment reminiscent of a speakeasy, entitled Speak Hard.

TechShop Workshop

TechShop will offer the 01SJ community a smaller but fully functional version of a TechShop location inside of South Hall as part of the Out of the Garage Into the World program. Including equipment such as MIG welders, CNC mills, laser cutters, wood working and basic hand tools.

Image courtesy of artist

Tomato Quintet

Chris Chafe, Greg Niemayer, Sasha Leitman, and Curtis Tamm
Tomato Quintet is a musification and visualization of the relation of air qualities between a container with 1 cubic meter of ripening tomatoes and the ambient environment.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

Trading Voices

CADRE Laboratory for New Media
Trading Voices (2010) is a video intensive dialogic project that actively collects, remixes and publishes oral stories relating to UN Millennium Development Goal 3 (Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women).

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen

War Veteran’s Book Workshop

Monica Haller
This workshop is for war veterans from current conflicts to compile their images and words from combat into “booklets” of 50 to 300 pages each.

Image courtesy of Patrick Lydon

wind coil sound flow

Ken Gregory
wind coil sound flow (2009) refers to an electro-mechanical audio system that poetically reproduces the processes involved in operating an Aeolian Kite Instrument in the field.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen


Natalie Jeremijenko
xAirport consists of an outdoor artificial marsh and zipline, plus an indoor “skunkworks” for testing personal aerodynamics.

Image courtesy Everett Taasevigen


Ken Eklund and Annette Mees
A playful investigation of the elusive connections between people, ZOROP (2010) is real, and (quixotically, perhaps) believes that World Peace is a meme that really just suffers from a visualization problem.

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