Participate in the making of the 2010 01SJ Biennial! Artists are conducting many exciting and challenging workshops where audience members will learn new tools for rebuilding the world and contribute to the making of artist’s projects.

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All Raise This Barn, West Performance

MTAA (Michael Sarff and Tim Whidden)
Join artists MTAA for a one-day only event of community creation and construction of an old-fashioned barn-raising using high tech techniques. The general public will group-decide (via the Internet) design, architectural, structural and aesthetic choices using a commercially-available barn-making kit as the starting point.


Alviso’s Medicinal All-Salt

Eyebeam Roadshow/Jon Cohrs and Morgan Levy
To honor the loss of the industrial salt evaporation ponds, and the tradition of historic South Bay salt harvesting dating back to Native American tribes, we’ll be developing a distillation process that not only harvests salt but also pharmaceuticals found in the saltwater.


Archipelago Workshop

Nova Jiang
Design your own desert island based on critical issues the planet faces today. Come up with creative ideas using a variety of brainstorming techniques.


Public Orchard: Biodiesel Bus Tour

Studio for Urban Projects
Join us for a tour highlighting San Jose’s urban orchards and local farms. Stops will include Emma Prusch Farm Park, Guadalupe Gardens Historic Orchard and Full Circle Farm. A locally sourced vegetarian lunch prepared by chef Nicole Lo Bue will be provided.


Brave New World

Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ/Marrisa Bothello
Participants in these 1 hour workshops will imagine how the future will shape their homes, neighborhoods, and the landscape of their cities as a basis for the production of a large scale diorama, as they build their own world.


BYMM Discovery Trip

Kitchen Budapest
The BYMM team will go out and explore the surroundings of the 01SJ Biennial and San Jose. We will be encouraging local people and event participants to join in and share their experiences and knowledge with us about the area.


BYMM Max/Msp/Jitter: Create Your Own Street View

Kitchen Budapest
This workshop will creating animations of the visual materials (photos) we collect during discovery trip and test walks. Create your own street view.



Kitchen Budapest
Beat Your Mouse Movement (BYMM) aims to invite participants to discuss in what ways can BYMM help to change or redesign our relationship to the — natural or built — environment. Participants will formulate ideas that they can subsequently realize and test in the 2nd session.


DIY Solar Sculptures

Go green and make small sculptures that twitch and move using only sunlight! Dive into the world of do-it-yourself “ecotech” in this two-hour workshop that invites participants to “hack” a solar toy and re-use the moving parts in one-of-a-kind objects.


Don’t you feel it too?

Marcus Young & Grace Minnesota
Find your inner freedom in public! Don’t you feel it too? (2008-2010) is a mind-body practice of liberating the spirit through dancing our inner life in public places. It is purposeful self-embarrassment and an aspiring spiritual technology based in “do-it-yourself” public performance. The workshop is taught by Marcus Young of Grace Minnesota.


El Shop Workshop

Pilar Agüero- Esparza & Hector Dionicio Mendoza
We will offer a hands-on workshop in which a limited number of participants will have the opportunity to learn basic weaving techniques used to make the traditional huarache.


Fantasmagorical Future!

Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ/Emile Bokaer
Using Adobe Premiere, Flash and After Effects, students will create their own narratives of how they envision the future. One scene will be produced by each student to create a fantasmgorical story about the future.


First Person Perspective

Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ/Taeyoon Choi
First Person Perspective is a workshop and collaboration between artist Taeyoon Choi and San Jose youth to create a movie shot entirely in ‘first person perspective’ using DIY headcams made from recycled materials.


Future Sounds

Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ/Cheryl Leonard
Through the instruction of a sound artist using Adobe Soundbooth, a microphone, and a little imagination, students will create audio tours of San Jose to imagine the sounds of the future.



Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ/David Godshall
Participants will film a travelogue video, from futuristic landscapes created in Photoshop and diorama models; and use special effects software, and a green screen technology to document and create a travelogue-like video, as they explore the future architecture and ecology of the Silicon Valley.


growBot Garden Discuss, Explore & Make Workshops

Public Design Workshop
A speculative design workshop exploring the use of robotics and sensing technologies in local small-scale agriculture.


Human Powered Potential

Sol Design Lab/Bike Zoo (Beth Ferguson and Sachi Decou)
Using an adapted tricycle as a framework we will build a human powered winged kinetic sculpture. We will explore themes of biomimicry and the beauty and practicality of nature’s designs.


Humor & Code (Project Blackbird)

Eyebeam Roadshow/Jeff Crouse
In this workshop, participants will work together to answer questions such as: what is humor in the context of software? Are there such things as funny algorithms?


I-Weather, open source artificial climate (fabric | ch)

fabric | ch
Based on the project fabric | ch will present during the 2010 01SJ Biennial, we invite people to a short intro of I-Weather, to understand how its existing applications were implemented –from web to DMX through mobile (iPhone, Android)–.


Imaginary Airforce Flight Attendant Training

Natalie Jeremijenko
You can become a certified [insured] zipline attendant by attending the iFlight Attendant Training session. This will involve making sure that people are properly bewinged, attached and safe before cajoling them over the edge and generally assisting them as they taking flight, and most importantly: land … or actually, wetland – given they are landing (would that be wetting?) on the safest air/land interface surface and critical urban ecosystem – wetlanding.


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