Participate in the making of the 2010 01SJ Biennial! Artists are conducting many exciting and challenging workshops where audience members will learn new tools for rebuilding the world and contribute to the making of artist’s projects.

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Inflatable Architectural Growth Workshop

Amorphic Robot Works/Chico MacMurtrie
Learn about the inner workings of the Pod, an elaborate inflatable robotic device that breathes life into the inflatable, utilizing electronics, low pressure high volume compressed air, electronic valves, a closed loop feedback systems, and servo controlled winch motors all driven by a arduino controller.


Learn: Greasemonkey & Make Your Own Firefox Plugins

Eyebeam Roadshow/Michael Mandiberg
Three-day workshop that will teach you how to do things to web pages after they load.


Measurement Art

Greg Niemeyer
Adjusting sensors, based on the project, Tomato Quintet.


Mobile Engagement in the Streets

Sol Design Lab/Bike Zoo (Beth Ferguson and Sachi Decou)
As a continuation of our kinetic sculpture we will add lights, sound and image projection. We will explore ways to power multimedia features and integrate solar energy into the workings of our creation.


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Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ/John Bruneau
In this workshop, we will be creating a simple video game using Adobe Flash software and basic computer programming, to create a video game about the hustle and bustle of daily teenage life.


OpenSolarCircuits Production Workshop

DreamAddictive (Carmen Carmen González and Leslie García)
OpenSolarCircuits is composed of a series of nine, on-site workshops with experimentation on different open-hardware techniques. The framework’s main focus is to provide artists, designers and people interested in technologies and sustainability issues, with intuitive tools.


Personal Power Plant

Eyebeam Roadshow/Mouna Andraos & Jennifer Broutin/Carmen Trudell
In this workshop, participants will learn how to create their own Personal powerPlant. The Personal powerPlant is a portable device that harnesses electricity through a solar cell and hand crank generator into a rechargeable battery for use in powering portable electronic devices.


Placing Speakers in Unlikely Places

Sasha Leitman
This workshop focuses on improving sound, based on the installation, Tomato Quintet.


Project HoodiePlay Workshop

CFC Media Lab
We will instruct you on how to incorporate electronics into your hoodie so that you can create your own signature interactive hoodie. The finale of the workshops will take place at AbsoluteZero01’s evening street festival on Sept. 17 where participants will battle it out in a giant game of zombie tag with an interactive twist.


Public Orchard: Canning and Preserving Workshop

Studio for Urban Projects
The Public Orchard installation will be transformed into a workshop space for the course of the day. Participants will be introduced to one of the basic arts of self-sufficiency–canning and preserving.


Public Orchard: Talk by Darrin Nordahl

Studio for Urban Projects
Talk by Darrin Nordahl author of Public Produce: The New Urban Agriculture (Island Press, 2009). Darrin Nordahl will discuss why local governments should encourage food production on public land, a movement he calls “municipal agriculture,” and how these efforts have immediate benefits to community-wide heath and prosperity.


Re-envision the Future of Urban Mobility

Sol Design Lab/Bike Zoo (Beth Ferguson and Sachi Decou)
This workshop will start with a design charrette to re-envision the infrastructure of our current petroleum based transportation system and collaboratively design alternatives based on innovation and renewable energy.


Reduce / Reuse / Recycle: The Future

Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ
For this workshop, we will be reusing and repurposing movie depictions of the future. Beam yourself into Star Trek. Edit laser beams and explosions into Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Create your own future from existing footage using After Effects and your imagination.


Repurposed Common Street Objects for Solar Charging Stations

Sol Design Lab/Bike Zoo (Beth Ferguson and Sachi Decou)
We will envision and repurpose common urban street infrastructure to be functional solar charging stations for electric vehicles, laptops, cell phones, and LED lighting. Workshop leaders will cover the basics of solar energy, repurposed industrial design techniques and how to create interactive solar charging stations for public use.


The News Tonight: 3010

Adobe Youth Voices | 01SJ/Gregg Witkin
Students will take local and world news events, and use them as a basis for a newscast from the future.


Ticket Machine

Eyebeam Roadshow/Kaho Abe
Ticket Machine is a six day workshop that will start off with a brief talk about Rube Goldberg machines and some design exercises centered around brainstorming and collaboration.


Tomato Music

Chris Chafe
Tuning up Tomato Quintet algorithms.


Urban Programming 101: Stage Directions

Eyebeam Roadshow/Taeyoon Choi
In this performative lecture and discussion Taeyoon Choi and invited artists will examine ideas presented in Taeyoon’s new project ‘Urban Programming 101: Stage Directions’. Event will be comprised of a 40-minute presentation followed by group discussion.


Virus Paper Sculpture Assembly Workshop

Victoria Scott and Scott Kildall
Collaborate with artists Victoria Scott and Scott Kildall and make a brightly colored paper-craft sculpture depicting a real or imaginary virus.


ZOROP Workshops

ZOROP (Ken Eklund and Annette Mees)
Playing at World Peace will be a playful introduction to the Zorop project.


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